Chekhov Actor Training

"There is no art without Joy" (Michael Chekhov)

As an Actor you tend to be "in your head?" Welcome home, the Michael Chekhov Technique is for you!

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The Michael Chekhov Technique works with a psycho-physical approach which plays with imagination making sure the actor is playing, fantasizing, radiating out of his creative realm and not out of personal experiences.


Michael Chekhov, creating this technique, wanted to give tools to the actors and also to the teachers, directors and playwrights. Himself studied under Stanislavski and was renown as his most brilliant pupil. He realized that if dancers had their bar and the singer their vocalizes, the actor didn't have an equivalent and this is how he started to develop this technique. 

Michael Chekhov and dog captured by a student at the Chekhov Theatre School in Ridgefield, Conn., 1940

We are passionates about this approach which invites you to play, imagine, create, collaborate with others, freely, in a safe environment with no judgement, because you can't deny what you experienced and no matter what it is, you can play with it, learn from it and build from there. This is why we offer: 

Chekhov Actor Training through our workshops.

To find more information about our Workshops, Michael Chekhov and our certified teacher Patricia Legare Follow the according link below. You can also find us on Facebook to find out when is our next event. 


“As a Michael's pupil, l learned more than acting... Every time he spoke, the world seemed to become bigger and more exciting... Acting became... an art that increased your life and mind. I had always loved acting and tried hard to learn it. But with Michael Chekhov acting became more than a profession to me. It became a sort of religion.” 

—  Marilyn Monroe