Escapees and Partners in crime!

It is a pleasure to introduce you to the founder of the Moon Escapees Productions and her precious collaborators

Patricia Légaré Eddisford

Job Titles: Actor, Trainer, Producer and Playwright

Aliases: Lady Lost (Mlle Égaré)

             Beardless Pirate (Pirate Pas-de-Barbe)

             Natalia, the false gypsy


Known for her energetic and vivid interpretation of the infamous Lady Lost, Patricia Légaré Eddisford is also a certified actor and teacher of the Michael Chekhov Technique. She received her diplôma in 2018 from the GLMCC (Great Lakes Michael Chekhov Consortium) at Mount Union University in Ohio, USA. In 2003 she was amongst the first graduates from ESTHEM (École Supérieure de théâtre musical). She has since participated in shows, films, shorts, plays and created her small production company: Moon Escapees Productions!

When she is not touring with Lady Lost's shows, she teaches Michael Chekhov Technique Workshops in Montreal. She is sometime invited by the New York based company Name of Bird to join them as guest teacher. Inspired by their Summer in the Parks Series, she started in Montreal what she calls

"Chekhov in the Park" were she gives free lessons in the park in the summertime.

Patricia is also part of Ovation Communication's team as a trainer and consultant; who better than actors to bring storytelling to businesses.

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Photo: Joëlle Gauvreau

Sophie-Anne Vachon

Job Title: Artistic Director,  Visual Artist,  Teacher, Magician's Assistant

Alias: Gaïa of the visual universe of Lady Lost


Teacher and artist, Sophie-Anne is now a full-time Illustrator and Artistic Director. Her art his powerful, striking, as unique as her gaze upon this world; she illustrates it on paper but also in her everyday life. Her eclectic journey also includes being the sidekick of her magician husband, designer and mother of two curious daughters. She loves burritos, nature walks and, mostly, all that is beautiful.

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Name: Mylène Lapierre

Job Title: Director



Name: Sophie-Anne Vachon

Job Title: Artistic Director, Visual Artist



Name: Amélie Picquette

Job Title: Photograph



Name: Olena Khomyakova

Job Title: Actor

Aliases: Lady Lost