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Meet Lady Lost, the Forgotten Princess!

Since 2015, the unforgettable Lady Lost has toured with her shows " Enchanted Lady Lost!" and " The 12 Tasks of Lady Lost" in daycares, librairies, cities  and even the Centaur Theatre. In 2019, Lady Lost's adventures will become a trilogy, stay tuned!

Enchanted Lady Lost!

In this first adventure, Lady Lost, an amnesic princess is on a mission to save the fairy tales; their infamous objects have been stolen and she must give them back to their owner, but how can she without her memory?


Her only hope is to find new friends to help out! In this interactive show, kids become the forgotten princess’ memory.


A show you don’t want to miss with with nursery rhymes and association games!


Lady Lost's Heart Recipe

***Coming soon

Contact us for more information


The 12 Tasks of Lady Lost

In this adventure, Lady Lost is facing a villain who is trying to steal laughter from the world. Can you imagine having a moping face forever?


This is what’s going to happen if Lady Lost doesn’t accomplish twelve tasks before the end of the day. She’s not going to let that happen and this is why she needs your help to beat this mysterious villain.


A new adventure that will keep you on your toes with songs, dance, riddles and laughter!

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     About our Shows

All our shows are available in English, French and also Bilingual.

Each show also has an Original version (as describe prior) and can also be adapted for Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, Easter, Reading Week, etc.

Perfect for all your celebrations!

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Photos: Amélie PIcquette

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